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Being Present Inc. specializes in awareness training for high performing individuals by leveraging the Self-Powerment model developed by Dr. Faye Mandell. The company was founded in 2009, and the group currently serves multiple fortune 500 companies.

Self Powerment

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Self-Powerment is a practical model for finding and staying in “the zone”, allowing you to experience new possibilities and success, both personally and professionally.  

Cutting edge research clearly suggests the positive physiological and psychological benefits of quieting the mind, and the theory and practice of mindfulness continues to become popular in the west, yet most professionals don’t feel they have the time to meditate.

The Self-Powerment model is a unique new-paradigm approach for relating the individual to their direct experience of the present moment using the concepts of time and space, helping individuals access many of the benefits that a regular meditation practice provides.




Dr. Faye Mandell

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Asa Nadeau, LICSW, MPH

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