Being Present
Being Present

DR. Fay Mandell's

GPS to


Discover how to harness every present moment by reading the book best selling author Eckhart Tolle calls an “eminently practical book and a powerful pointer to the truth.”

GPS to Self-Powerment provides a simple and straightforward approach to discovering the present moment. This navigational life-book teaches us how to reach the here-now experience, and how to return to it when the mind directs
us away.

Using her own easily digestible Self-Powerment Model, Dr. Faye Mandell gives us a mental picture map that enables us to distinguish feeling from thought. Through her practical guidance and language analysis, Dr. Mandell breaks down how to eliminate destructive thinking and return back to the I-am, the here-now, the present moment.



ISBN: 0986049379
Published: April 1, 2014